Mina is a multi-sensational expressionist painter based in Arizona. She is currently a student at Arizona State University and is pursuing a post-baccalaureate of Fine Arts in painting. She received a degree in psychology in 2014 and worked in the public sector for 3 years. From this experience she found her inspiration for her current work. All of Mina’s work pulls from her personal experiences that revolve around the self, emotions, and social interactions.

She is currently exploring the mental, emotional, and social side of depression. She plans to push her work to encompass different aspects of emotional and life struggles. Recently, Mina has begun to work on her first series called Despondency. Each body of work within the series tells a portion of a larger story that is difficult to handle. The series examines a mental process of experiencing severe depression with two ultimate pathways. One pathway is the progression into suicidal ideation and the completion of suicide. The second pathway is the departure from suicidal ideation and progression towards stabilization. Each piece is paired with a carefully chosen song to help transport the viewer into the mindset of the individual in the painting.

Mina lives for connecting with people and creating art. She has combined her two passions in life, art and psychology. She is excited that her life has taken this turn despite much resistance from her family. Mina hopes to inspire and connect with others in order to spread understanding and help people find their own path in life through emotional understanding.